Mystim Pure Vibes Electric Unit ⁞ Electro Stimulation Kit

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Mystim Pure Vibes is an analogue nerv stimulator and a solid starter model. It lets you discover an endless stimulation that can range from a soft prickle over rhythmic pulsation to a sensuous pushing sensation.






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The two separately controlable channels allow you to connect two toys at once for more pleasure alone or together. The channels can be configured manually or you may choose from the 3 different programs already prepared for your convenience. With Pure Vibes, there’s no limit to your fantasy: you can have it all – from soft to hard.

Pure Vibes comes in two different versions, one with self-adhesive electrodes and a slightly more expensive one with permanent silicone electrodes. The self-adhesive electrodes can be used repeatedly but have a much shorter life span than the silicone electrodes. On the plus side, they are extremely flexible – much more so than the silcone ones whose one-sided isolation takes away some flexibility.

type                         Mystim e-stim unit

CE number           certified according to the medical device law with CE 0483

warranty               24 months

display                     No

programs                 3

impluse type            asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse

impulse width           30 – 260 µs

frequency                2 – 150 Hz

intensity                    0 – 80 mA

dimensions               94,7 x 64,8 x 25 mm

weight                      630g / 650g

weight of the device    110g including battery

battery                     9V monobloc battery


product information    

2 individually adjustable channels

3 different programs for the satisfaction of individual needs, from affectionate to intensive up to hard

intensity, pulse width and pulse rate are arbitrary for the user


included in delivery    

1 analog Mystim stimulation current device

1 solid plastic suit case

4 permanent silicone electrodes or 4 self-adhesive electrodes

2 wires for electrodes

1 battery 9V

1 instruction manual in English, German and French


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